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MIL-SPACE Small Satellite Network

MIL-SPACE offers an end-to-end solution consisting of smallsat launch services, a highly capable smallsat space vehicle design, space systems verification and testing, global integration and mission support capability, all organized around the Dynamic Supra-Adjacency Matrix (DSAM) spacecraft design and manufacturing capability.

MIL-Space designs and manufactures LEO spacecraft, supported by comprehensive launch services.

– Over 300 successful launch missions.

– Resilient “End-to-End” LEO satellite network solutions include;

– MUOS MLAS Restoration Satellite Networks

– Passive RADAR

– Optics

– Signal Detection & Exploitation

– Deep Space mission support and Interferometer Tracking Arrays.

With global antagonists demonstrating the ability and the will to destroy space assets, the need for the Proliferated LEO backbone solution DSAM has never been greater.