SBA Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture

Providing high resilient End to End LEO satellite network solutions supporting a wide variety of custom payloads that include 5G comms, radar, optics and other specialized sensors.  MIL-SPACE capabilities include CubeSat manufacturing, launch services, LEO Teleport & NOC solutions, and Navy Terminal Systems.

Joint Venture Members
  • Centaurus Space Technologies (CST) designs and manufactures spacecraft bus, supports mission ops and provides ground data systems
  • MIL-SAT designs and manufactures Navy LEO Terminal and performs systems integration
  • CM Technology (CMT) provides LEO teleport and gateway services, network operations and management
  • Maverick Space Systems (MSS) Designs and manufactures Cubesat launch dispensers and provides rocket launch services.
CST - Centaurus Space Technologies
Mil-Sat Global Communications
Cm Technology Inc - LEO Teleport Services
Maverick Space Systems

POC: Don Richardson